Diabetes Concern? Drink kefir!

Scientists Confirm Yogurt, Kefir Intake Reduces Incidences of Type 2 Diabetes A study published this month in Diabetologia, the journal of the European Association for Diabetes, confirms that regular servings of fermented dairy products reduces the risk of developing diabetes later in life. It is not a trifling reduction in risk either. In fact, the … Continue reading “Diabetes Concern? Drink kefir!”

Type 2 Diabetes May Be Caused By Probiotic Imbalance

Is The Secret To Diabetes In The Gut? Researchers have found that the microbiome, or the bacterial community that lives within your intestines, is altered in patients with diabetes. Diabetics have more "bad bacteria" in their gut, and less "good bacteria. In is unknown whether this is the result of metabolic changes or if it … Continue reading “Type 2 Diabetes May Be Caused By Probiotic Imbalance”

Benefits of Kefir

Benefits of Kefir Bacteria- We Need Them To Live- Probiotic Benefits There is a term that scientists use to describe the microscopic community that lives on our skin and hair, in our mouth, nose, intestines, and anywhere else that we naturally have bacteria. The term is "Human Microbiome" or "Human Microbiota". They include bacteria, yeast … Continue reading “Benefits of Kefir”