How Much Kefir Should I Drink?

How Much Kefir Should I Drink? 

Here is a question I get a lot. 

"Hi, Can you tell me how much milk kefir to drink each day? We just started this and we don't know how much we need, thank you… Debbie"

Hi Debbie, Thanks for your question. I think many people will find this question helpful!~

In a world where everything has a suggested use, or prescribed dosage, it is understandable that you may not know how much or how little kefir to drink for health. In fact, everyone responds differently, and there is no real firm answer to the question. There are, however some tips and guidelines I could share that may get you started on the right track. 

First, let me start with the answer on our Kefir Questions and Answers page.

How Much Kefir Should I drink?-

Kefir is a food with benefits (not a drug), but some people still have an adjustment period. If your digestion tends to be finicky, start with 1/4 cup after a meal once every day, and listen to your body. If you tolerate this fine, then increase the amount, eventually moving it to BEFORE meals, as the good bacteria will aid in digesting your food. I personally drink up to 4 cups a day. There's no real limit. Just drink it when you want.

This is a good basic guideline, however some people will experience a detox crisis. When that happens you may have to adjust the amount that you begin with. Maybe take a tablespoon after each meal until your body adjusts to it.

You can also help your new probiotic friends establish a home by feeding them properly. Eat plenty of vegetables of all kinds, and fruit and healthy oils in moderation, and eat less meat and non-fermented dairy. You don't have to cut them out, and become vegetarian, but simply stack the deck in favor of plant foods. 

Drink lots of water, too.

Soon you will be drinking kefir as much as you want, whenever you feel like having some. 




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  1. Just started on making water kefir. My friend gave me more grains than i need and i have no big bottle on hand so i ended up making them in separate containers. There is one bottle which i cannot seem to remember the time i made it. My question is can i consume it even if it hasn’t reached the 24hr mark? And can i combine all water kefir in one pitcher when i strain them even when i fermented them at different times? I.e. one is 24 hrs other is 12hrs.

    1. Hello Dar Thanks for your message. People have issue from time to time with the ordering process. There are a couple of things that could be the problem. If you are at work, try again when you are home. Many work computers block purchase links. If you are on a personal computer, try turning off your virus protection or firewall just long enough to order. Or use a different computer. The ordering process is working. An order just came in a few moments ago from someone else. 

      Kefir Nurse

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