Kefir, Probiotics and Weight Loss

Can Kefir Help Weight Loss

Can Kefir Help Weight LossKefir and Weight Loss

Can kefir Help Me Lose Weight?

If you search the internet you are going to find many websites that claim Kefir is a weight loss food. In fact, you may even find information about a "Kefir Diet" ! So underneath all the hoopla and hype, is there any scientific proof that kefir can help you lose weight? 

Our body is brimming with bacteria, that much you probably already know. In fact there are trillions of bacteria and yeast that live within our intestines. Bacteria also exist, not just in the digestive tract from mouth to rectum, but also externally on skin and hair. Bacteria are largely ignored by the medical community when assessing disease. The scientific community is beginning to focus much more research in this important area. It is becoming abundantly clear that bacteria and yeast affect our health in many more ways than we thought about before. 

So we know that our friendly bacteria affect our health. You can review some of the benefits I have discovered in the scientific literature by reading my "Benefits of Kefir" article. Specifically though, I wondered if there was any reason to believe that kefir can help me lose weight.

I found an abstract on pub med where researchers looked at all the data related to fermented milk bacteria and weight loss, metabolic syndrome etc. They reviewed over 600 original studies related to the question "can probiotics help weight loss?" Their discovery was welcome news. The answer is yes, fermented products like kefir can help weight loss!

Here is the conclusion of their study:

Knowledge on the impact of the microbiota on metabolic pathways allows to conceive new factors associated with obesity and modulation by prebiotics and probiotics. In this sense, the main effect observed was the increase in bifidobacteria, usually accompanied by weight loss and enhancement of parameters related to obesity.


This is great news for kefir lovers. Kefir products are easy to make at home, and bifidobacteria are abundant in the millions in home made kefir. Since it is convenent and delicious, diet that includes kefir may help people lose weight by increasing the amount of bifidobacteria in the gut! 

7 thoughts on “Kefir, Probiotics and Weight Loss”

  1. Should you drink water right after drinking your milk kefir? And if you can, how much?
    Also, I have been drinking milk kefir for about 6 weeks and I drink about 3/4 of a glass in the morning and another 3/4 just before I go to bed. I found from the very first that it made me constipated. I have been drinking a half cup of prune juice everyday to help. Have not suffered from constipation before I started drinking kefir. Wondering if the constipation will go away.

  2. My sugar cravings have gone and my appetite is what I would call normal now. Am feeling very tired and bloated but aknowledge it will take time to rebalance gut bacteria.

  3. Hi. Does kefir really contains the bifidobacteria. I remember going through the list of strains found in kefir from other kefir websites and bifido did not seem to be present. It would be great news indeed if they are!

    1. Hi Iris Thanks for your question. As you can see by this study, kefir may or may not actually “contain” bifidobacteria, but it promotes the growth of it, and affects how it expresses itself.  (you will notice that I try really hard to keep my articles based in science, so I hope you will forgive the technical references! ) 

      Kefir Nurse

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