Thanks For Your Order

I am really excited for you! In 24 hours or less, your adopted culture will be packaged for a safe trip from my home to yours. 

Like any adoption, it is important that you have what you will need before they arrive. I understand that most people who order kefir grains and yogurt cultures are ordering for the first time. That is why I put this site together. You will find instructions for your new product purchase in the links below. Please take this opportunity to read quickly over the page that corresponds with your order to see if there is anything you need to have on hand before your culture arrives. 

Most people have absolutely no problems. Within a few days they are drinking kefir, and/or eating delicious home made greek yogurt. Once in a while someone contacts me with a concern. Nearly all culture failures are easily fixed by going back to the basics. If you ever do have a problem, please do not discard your culture. We can often troubleshoot together and get you back on course! 

I hope you have a long and healthy symbiotic relationship with your new bacteria! 

Kefir Nurse

Depending on the time of year, your water kefir grains could be fully dehydrated, partially dehydrated, or live. Milk kefir grains are partially or fully dehydrated and packed in milk powder, although I will send them live, if it is requested on checkout.

Instructions for making water kefir

Instructions for rehydrating dehydrated water kefir grains

Instructions for making milk kefir


Please browse the site for tips, faqs and lots of great culturing information

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  1. Hi Kefir Nurse,
    I was wondering if my order I placed yesterday went through? I haven’t received a confirmation email yet. Sometimes my email address becomes victim of ” auto correct” and I don’t notice. Thank you

  2. Hi There Kefir Nurse

    I received the milk kefir grains via the post within 2 weeks of ordering. After about 7 days of pampering, they began growing and were producing something resembling kefir, about a week after that.. It’s been about two weeks now since starting and I’m getting about 1 L per day. It’s still cool in the house during the day, so I created a space in the cupboard above the microwave where I’ve plugged in a night light (non led type) to create a small fermentation area, which has improved things a lot. I cover the fermenting milk with a towel so it doesn’t get exposed to the light. Thanks for the info on how to proceed.

  3. I received my kefir within two weeks. It only took mine 2 days to start plumping up. I started drinkin the milk after 3 days and it tastes as what I was expecting and the same as store bought kefir. The instructions and method are easy and clear to follw and I found a great Kefir website that is great for getting chat support in case you get stuck and need help right away (during business hours) :

  4. I received both water and milk kefir about a month ago. Thank you !
    About a week later I started (only milk kefir), I noticed the change. Because I live in a small cabin and the temperature is not stable all the time, the result is not consistency, but I am enjoying to learn how to deal with it each time !

    After 2nd fermentation (48 hours), I sometime taste it bitter… Is there any reasons and possible to resolve it ?!?

  5. Hi Kefir Nurse!

    I ordered the milk kefir because I am a Chiropractor and I have been wanting to experiment with growing my own probiotics for a while now. I looked at a bunch of them, sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt etc and decided kefir might be one of the easiest.

    Well, it took a while to get them, but when I did I got started right away. It took at least five days for it to really start to produce for me, and I had to put it in the oven (with the oven light for heat only) and they really took off! I have to say I am excited for the potential benefits for not only myself but the potential for my patients, friends and family as well.

    As you know, modern research has shown that probiotics may be up to 75% of our immune system, so that has vast implications on what this can do for you health. If you read the benefits this is believed to have, as well as the claims made by the Societies that have used this for hundreds of years…you will be excited too!

    The videos that came with it are great, but I recommend Googling the subject as well and get some other views on how to grow and use this wonderful culture.

    Thanks again for putting this in my email and getting me started on my own probiotic growing!

    David P in HB

    1. Hi David I am so glad to hear from you! I am thrilled that you are enjoying (and reaping the benefits of) your kefir! Home made probiotics have been a miracle for so many people. I love that professionals such as yourself are discovering this! You are in a unique position to have a huge impact in your community! Feel free to come back any time and share your experiences with our community! 

      Kefir Nurse

  6. Received my milk kefir about a month ago. It is growing like crazy. Definitely need to be patient in the beginning and read the instructions. The first week the batches were inedible and I read that the yeast component usually over grows and just be patient. I did rinse gently in filtered water once because I read this can help with over population of yeast. Anyways making consistently good kefir now and very happy!!

    1. Bill Thank you so much for your comments. I am sure they will help others! The biggest challenge I had in the beginning was patience too! 

      Kefir Nurse

  7. Hi, I did receive the water kefir grains in a timely matter. My biggest negative thought is that they were incredibly small. That saying it took quite a while before I could enjoy the end product in any great amount. The grains have grown considerably so I’m able to produce almost 2 cups in 2 days.

    1. Hi Rose Glad to hear you got them and have been making great kefir. Believe it or not, smaller is better when it comes to water kefir. The bigger they are, the less surface area you have exposed to produce kefir. When mine start getting bigger I smush them. You only need 1 tablspoon of kefir grains per 1 cup of water. Since your grains have grown so much you can increase the water. Follow the links to the recipe in the right sidebar. It sounds like you could be enjoying even more kefir than you currently are making. 

      I know it’s hard to wait for them to grow when you first get them! I was exactly the same when I got my very first culture years ago! 

      Thanks so much for popping in!

      Kefir Nurse

  8. Ive had my kefir for a good month and when i recieved it there was about half a tablespoon in there abd i still have no more growth at all. I have five children and i was really hoping to get enough for them to take too. What would i be able to do to make it grow?

    1. Hi Kathy Thanks for your question. First, it really depends on whether you have water or milk grains. Water kefir grains grow much faster than milk kefir grains, but both will grow if they are happy in their home. A month isn’t long enough for milk grains though as there is an adjustment period. Let me know which you have so I can give you a better answer. 

      Kefir Nurse

  9. Hi kefir nurse….

    I’ve left my water grains too long fermenting and they have adopted a vinegar taste that 3 fements later is still there. Do you a solution that can help me get past this vinegar stage? I’ve been rinsing mildly in bottled water, washing containers diligently, and thinking of trying perhaps ginger or lemon…. any suggestions?

    1. Hi Tom This is a situation easily remedied. Rinse the grains gently and put them in a clean jar. Just cover them with water, and add 1 tablespoon of sugar. Cover and place in the refrigerator. Change solution every day and leave regrigerated for 3 days. On the 4th day resume your kefir making. My kefir recipe calls for a slice of lemon. Change the solution daily after this but do not rinse the grains in between changes. Your kefir should be back to normal in a week or so. 

      Do make sure that you are using only 1 tablespoon of water kefir grains per cup of water. The vinegar flavor is often a sign of too fast a fermentation. 

      Kefir Nurse

  10. Hi; I neglected changing my kefir jar for a few days and it developed green mold on the top!!! How do I revive it..?

    1. Hi Reynelda Don’t mess with green mold. Throw it out and start anew. If you were following along the site, you will have a backup from the extra grains that were growing, set aside. If not, buy more. Green mold is toxic and dangerous.

      Kefir Nurse

  11. hi – I just ordered some water kefir grains from you. If you have any extra milk kefir grains I am looking for some of those too. Thanks in advance! Jill

  12. You mention that it takes 2-7 days to ferment proper after receiving the grains. Can you use the milk product(kefir) that is being used before fermentation?

    1. Hi Carole: Thanks for your question. I think it likely will be unbalanced, and may taste a little yeasty. I won’t drink it until it is giving me a proper ferment, but some people do drink it. My personal feeling is that you can not be certain that the bad bacteria are suppressed until you are getting a good ferment, but that is just a personal opinion and not based on any science that I could find. I have never heard of anyone getting really sick from kefir, and I am sure lots of people use it right from the beginning.

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