Type 2 Diabetes May Be Caused By Probiotic Imbalance

Good Bacteria vs. Bad Bacteria

Is The Secret To Diabetes In The Gut?

Researchers have found that the microbiome, or the bacterial community that lives within your intestines, is altered in patients with diabetes. Diabetics have more "bad bacteria" in their gut, and less "good bacteria. In is unknown whether this is the result of metabolic changes or if it is the cause.

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Should Diabetics Drink Kefir?

Milk kefir, water kefir and other fermented beverages and foods can help to restore a better balance of good bacteria in the gut. I am often asked whether kefir is safe for diabetics to consume. While I can not answer that question for individuals, I can say that my insulin dependent diabetic mother has consumed kefir in the past.

Milk kefir has much less sugar than regular milk, if you are making it yourself using milk kefir grains. That is because the process of fermentaion reduces the amount of lactose (milk sugar) as the bacteria multiply. Water kefir is made with sugar and water, it is true, but again, the bacteria consume the sugar as they grow, and after a 2 day ferment, you are left with only around 20% of the sugar you started with. 

It is my personal opinion that diabetics could try adding kefir and monitor blood sugar. Improved blood sugar control and reduction of obesity was proven in mice being fed probiotics. reference and more human studies are proving that gut bacteria has a much broader role in sugar control than was previously known.



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