Video- How Jim Dooley Makes Milk Kefir

My Kefir Is Moldy? What To Do...

Jim Dooley from shows you exactly how he makes kefir at home. While Jim uses raw goat’s milk in his kefir, raw milk is outlawed in Canada. I simply use 2% milk from the dairy cooler and make the most delicious and beneficial kefir.

Jim also speaks a little about why kefir is so good for you, and what it does.

Jim’s technique for making kefir is a little different than mine. This just shows that kefir making does not have to be precise. These grains have survived and been passed around the world for thousands of years. Find a technique for kefir making that works for you in your own home. Here is more information about how I make milk kefir

Jim gives some excellent information about why kefir is so good for you. Unfortunately, at the time I uploaded this excellent video, The New Angela Foundation website was not functioning. Hopefully it will be up soon. 


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