Water Kefir Basic Recipe

Water Kefir is a deliciously simple recipe. It is inexpensive to make, has loads of health benefits and you only need to buy the water kefir grains once and they last a lifetime as long as you care for them.

Cover Jar Loosely

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2 thoughts on “Water Kefir Basic Recipe”

  1. Hello,
    I’m diabetic and was wondering if there is another method of making water kefir without so much sugar?
    thanks, from a Newbie

    1. Hi Yvette There really isn’t. Water kefir grains eat sugar. Don’t give them sugar and they die. You could make water kefir and then add a few ounces to a glass of coconut water and let it sit for a day. But the to make water kefir you need to have the sugar, otherwise the grains die. 

      You may be interested in these articles on diabetes and probiotcs.


      Thanks for your question.

      Kefir Nurse.

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