Water Kefir Instructions in Pictures

Cover Jar Loosely

Instructions- Making Water Kefir With Live Kefir Grains

If you live in Canada, and have ordered LIVE Kefir Grains, they will arrive double bagged and secured in a padded mailing envelope for a safe trip. If you can not make your water kefir immediately, place them in the refrigerator as is until you can get to them… hopefully within a day of receiving them. Here are my simple instructions for making perfect water kefir every time.


Instructions for Making Water Kefir

#1- Gather your ingredients. 1/4 C of your sugar of choice. Here I have organic brown sugar. 1 tsp Black Strap Molasses (optional but I always use it for extra minerals) Lemon or lime slice. Peeled if it isn't organic Unsulphured dried fruit. 3 Cups water. (The grains to water ratio is about 1 TBSP grains to 1 Cup water) Minerals-liquid minerals, pink himilayan salt, a cleaned egg shell piece (any 1 of those will do)…and only needed if you are using distilled water stripped of minerals. Here I am using just a few drops of Concentrace liquid minerals purchased at my local organic "health food" store.

You will also need a glass jar, coffee filter and ring lid or elastic band for cover and wooden or plastic stir stick.

Water Kefir Ingredients


A NOTE ABOUT WATER: If you are using bottled water you absolutely must read the ingredients on the back label. Just because it is called "Spring Water", that does not mean nothing has been added. Natural spring water will have minerals, and may have a slight amount of naturally occurring fluoride. It should not have any chlorine.

Do NOT use ozonated water. Ozone is added to kill bacteria. See here for reference.

Do NOT use alkaline water (kangen water etc). We add lemon or lime to give the water a slight acidic edge. The act of fermentation increases the acidity of the brew. An alkaline environment will encourage an imbalance of bacterial growth and you could end up with some nasty bacterial contamination! 

I use Nestle Pur Life bottled water when I do not have access to my well. 

#2- Mix all ingredients, except water kefir grains, in the glass jar. Stir well to dissolve the sugar.

Water Kefir Basic Recipe

#3-Add 3 tablespoons of  Kefir Grains to the jar with the sugar water.

As a general rule of thumb, I estimate about 1 tablespoon of grains per 1 cup of water. 

Add Kefir Grains

#4- Cover jar loosely. Here I am using the mason jar ring with a coffee filter. You can also use a paper towel, or dish towel with an elastic band. The idea is to keep out bugs and stray bacteria from the air while allowing the released carbon dioxide an escape route. 

Cover Jar Loosely

#5- Put it somewhere that doesn't get too hot or cold, and walk away. I usually just set mine in the cupboard above the stove. 

That's it…If you followed instructions you can simply let the grains work their magic.

Kefir Ready To Ferment

A day and a half later… look how much my grains have grown! This is a good sign that the grains like what you are doing. Keep up the good work! 

Kefir Grains Have Grown

#6- Strain the water kefir into a clean jar. Use plastic or wooden utensils.

Strain the water kefir grains

#7- Look at how much I have from just 3 tablespoons. This is just 30 hours later! Remove and discard the used lemon and dried fruit. (hint: you can eat them!) 

Strained Kefir Grains

#8- Take 3 tablespoons of your strained grains and start again! As long as you give your grains a little sugar and a little water every few days (or follow my instructions if you want to take a break from making kefir) you will have healthy grains that will last a lifetime! 

Drink the kefir you have made now, or add some fruit juice or flavoring, cover tightly and ferment for aother day or 2.  

Add Kefir Grains


Purchase Water Kefir Grains

4 thoughts on “Water Kefir Instructions in Pictures”

  1. Hi! Is the grains to water ratio 1 TBSP grains to 1 Cup water when the grains are dehydrated? My understanding is that this ratio is for when they are ‘live’. Unsure if I should change the amount of water & sugar as my grains are dehydrated and came in a 10g / ~2TBSP package. Thanks!

    1. Hi Aidan- yes definitely go by live grains when doing measurements, and follow the instructions that you got with your grains because they might instruct a little differently. But these instructions have served me well.
      Kefir Nurse

  2. Many good things have happened, and this is one of the best. It’s so easy, tasty, healthy and fun. You are doing a HUGE public service with this site and the extremely reasonable cost of the pet starter. I have given some away already, and now, in the heat, make a few litres a day. Thank you so much.

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